Meal Planner Tutorial Videos

Adding Ingredients

Begin by going into the authoring tool. Go to ingredients and then add. Give the ingredient a name, select its type, and add an image. You can search to find the newly added ingredient. To edit click on the ingredient you want to edit. You can add ingredients from the pre-made list as well. Check out the video tutorial on navigating the authoring tool for how to add from the pre-made ingredients.

Adding Meals

Under the meals tab in the authoring tool add a meal. Fill out all of the fields. When selecting from the breakfast / lunch / dinner category this will effect the students ability to select a meal from the main meal planner option. If the meal is marked as Dinner item, when a student tries to select this item for a breakfast item it will not show up for them. Fill out the servings data as well as prep and cook times. Finally select the class of meals. This will highlight the meals green for healthy, yellow for good, and red for unhealthy from the students point of view. Finally select an image to go with the meal. To add ingredients to the meal select the meal you would like to add ingredients to. In this view this will show all of the ingredients for this meal. Since its a new meal it will have no ingredients. Select add to begin adding ingredients to the meal. Select the quantity used for this meal and save. Once all ingredients have been added go back to the meals menu.